The Master BBQ School teaches cooking techniques, not recipes -- that's your job.

The Master BBQ School has been specifically written to greatly improve the skills of the backyard barbecuer, the professional chef and the competitive cook or team. In fact, a past California State Champion and a Memphis In May Grand Champion have been students of our techniques. Of the 282 Certified Master BBQ Cooks (MBBQ) in the world, we have personally taught 281 of them. Like my fellow Marines, we are the Few and the Proud, culinarily.

The Master BBQ School is an eight-lesson correspondence course that you study at home using your own cooking equipment and at your own pace. You will need a grill and a dedicated smoker to take this course. Our training is based on in-the-pit, hands-on techniques designed to teach you the "What" and "Why" of direct and indirect grilling and classic wood-smoked BBQ, not just how to put together recipes. At $299, most of our students say they have saved at least that much in the cost of meat that they have not overcooked or undercooked because of our precise instructions and techniques. After you know how to cook the meats, you add your own touches by varying the kinds of smoke wood, the brines, the rubs and sauces to get the flavor profile you and your folks like best.

You grade your own cooked meat and appoint an independent Personal BBQ Judge to also grade your cooking efforts according to Kansas City BBQ Society guidelines. The grades are sent to us to evaluate separately. Any large discrepancies in the grading will mean a telephone call from our faculty. You must also complete the reading assignments, the cooking exercises and the quizzes at the end of each of the eight lessons and snail mail, email or fax them to us for grading.  If you are fairly studious, it should take about eight weeks to complete the entire course.

We are always available to answer questions and to assist students in making this course a truly terrific experience. Upon successful completion of the course, within one calendar year from the time you send us the first lesson, you will be awarded a Master BBQ Cook Certificate and a Letter of Graduation.  Better than that, you will have mastered the major cooking techniques necessary to create world-class grilled and barbecued pork, ribs, chicken, beef and other meats.  

American Culinary Federation (ACF) certified chefs will also earn 50 hours of Continuing Education Credit toward re-certification.  The Master BBQ School is the only home-study BBQ course that has received the federation's approval.   

We hope you will decide to enroll soon. Please contact us with any questions or comments at (303) 321-3375 or at

What You Will Learn

The eight in-depth lessons include such detailed and easy-to-understand information as:

  1. Learning the basics about your equipment and how it operates and the meat you'll be cooking.
  2. Grilling primer includes Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Steak, Prime Rib, Beef Brisket and Country-style Ribs.
  3. How to Indirectly Grill Rock Cornish Game Hens, Turkey Legs, Fish and Beer Can Chicken.
  4. Find your Favorite Wood-Smoke Flavor: From alder to oak, the scoop on smoke wood.
  5. Increase Your BBQ’s Flavor: Rubs, Marinades, Mops, Sauces and more.
  6. Wood-Smoke-Cook Spare Ribs, Baby Backs and Country Ribs. You will be able to cater any BBQ occasion. 
  7. Wood-Smoke-Cook Pork & Beef: The best techniques from the Carolinas to Texas.
  8. Wood-Smoke-Cook Poultry: The best methods for turkey, chicken and game hens. No more mistakes; get it right every time.

The course materials include:

  • All eight lessons, specially written and designed to help backyard BBQ beginners, competition BBQ cooks, and professional chefs improve their outdoor cooking techniques, broaden their knowledge and teach them to prepare world-class BBQ every time with no disappointments and no wasted food.
  • A "Student Packet" that includes all Student Reporting Forms, Quizzes and BBQCS Score Sheets to grade all the exercises.
  • A "Personal BBQ Judge" packet to be given to the person you chose to help monitor your progress and assist you in taste-testing and grading your BBQ.
  • Complete and prompt administration of the course's tests and exercises by experienced BBQCS faculty.